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What is Apps Leisure?

Apps Leisure was originally an idea to help make sports accessible for everyone. Apps are vital for all businesses in today’s climate. Everyone uses them, including businesses, so we have designed this amazing sports app to suit your business and help you establish your place in what is a highly dynamic market. 
At Apps Leisure our desire is to bring sports and fitness to everyone at every level. The best way to do this is to make different sports accessible to everyone, allowing them to find others with likeminded ideas and abilities, to arrange games with each other. Our app is an excellent way to help you meet others and play the sports you love.

So what can our App do for you?


Increase your Membership. Our app can do this by social media sharing, providing access for new customers with ease.


Retain your Membership by keeping Keep your current members interested and helping them find new opponents & members to play with.


Your own Members only Message Board & Timeline, where staff can interact with members, provide information, post content & promote events & offers on an individual basis or for everyone.

What can your Members do?

Apps Leisure has many options for your users. Once they have joined your network they can use the app to find others to play with, find teams, singles or doubles to play against. Find players for their teams or join existing teams. They will be able to find local people to challenge and easily arrange games and workouts with, according to the sports you select via your CPanel. This will make your venue busier as you will have more people challenging each other.

Stunning Original Design

Advertise directly to your Members

This App is great for:

  • Advertising directly to your members.
  • Sending messages securely to your members. 
  • Creating offers or advertise via the app. 
  • Updating your members with upcoming classes via the timeline.
  • Providing all your members the latest information.
  • Adding events where you know they will see it.
  • Sharing on social media via the app.
  • Advertising to other non-members.

How to get the Results you Need

We like to keep things simple which is why we have made joining us very easy. Once you have decided to create a network for your business, here are the simple steps to setting it up.

Apps Leisure gives you these benefits:

Apps Leisure will always be working with you to keep you satisfied.

Main added Benefits

Your members will be able to:

Unique experience with a brilliant Company.

Our business is to make you money. That is what we are good at. Your tailor made network is the unique and modern way to maintain your company’s membership retention and increasing it. We are confident that your business will enjoy the amazing benefits of Apps Leisure and you will wonder how you ever would have survived without us.

Suitable for any Sports Venue

Our App is so exclusive in design that it will fit brilliantly to any sports venue. Whether you own a football venue or a gym, a snooker club or golf course centre you will benefit.

Stylish and easy to use

Your app is easy to use and manage. You can customise your network to your venues specifics with which ever sports you cater for. Simply add your Staff members and build your community

IOS and Android

The App will be available on both IOS and Android, members will be able to enjoy the same stunning features and enhance their experience of using your facilities. This will all be shared with others helping your business grow and thrive.

What does the App look like inside for Your Members?

Depending on the sports your venue network caters for, the images below will show you how you how it will look for your members

Share on Social Media

Get everyone talking about it

Share Results on Facebook & Twitter

Your Members will be able to share their scores results and progress on your personal timeline and keep everyone up to date with how well you are doing. You and any member can also share their games on Facebook and Twitter which will notify all family and friends to see what they are up to. This will give you more Brand awareness for free 

Get your Friends to Challenge you

All your members scores & results will show your venue as where they have played and the final scores. This gives the other users the opportunity to see their ability and to challenge them as well as increasing their social circle and pool of opponents. 

Simple to Manage with your Control Panel

Your control panel will give you supervision over everything that is posted on your app keeping it exactly how you want it. You can add staff and admins, with different levels of access and capabilities. You and your admins will receive notifications keeping you up to date with all aspects of the app. You and your admins can log in via the app and interact with your members via the timeline. You have complete control!

You can:

Create Your Network & Be Live In Less Than 10 minutes

Price Plans
Pay AS You Go - No Contract

Below are the different plans you can choose from, you can start with any plan and upgrade at any time, remember the app installation is FREE.
If your company has a chain of more than one venue you can have them all on the Application each having a unique network pin.

Launching soon...

Contact our customer support

If you have any questions you can contact us directly, and we will be happy to help you. We like to work closely with our customers.  

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